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"We offer our customers a complete solution with the right equipment and personnel" - Mikael Smith, CEO


Through CybAero Air Services, we offer our customers service assignments. Our skilled pilots have long experience and extensive knowledge in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, both civilian and military, through this we carry out assignments in a professional manner around the world. We have a large fleet of different types of unmanned aerial vehicles. We use these to carry out everything from inspections of wind turbines with a quadrocopter to more extensive missions such as power line inspections or reconnaissance of disaster areas with our APID One


Our goal is to solve your needs. 


Whatever your needs, our talented pilots and consultants are available, please contact us and we will help you develop an optimally tailored solution.

Customer-specific assignments


Contact us and we will present a complete solution for your needs.  The solution can include one or more different UAVs in order to achieve optimal result.


Pilots and Operators in World Class

We at CybAero are proud of the knowledge and expertise we hold, not only from all years in the industry but also held by our staff who are passionate about what they do. We have pilots who compete in flying unmanned and spend most of their spare time on this. We also have Operators who have several years of experience with unmanned aerial vehicles both military and civilian. With this combined knowledge, we can ensure that our mission is performed efficiently and deliver optimal results.


Our fleet

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With our own developed APID One we carry out extensive and advanced flights. With a long flight time, high speed and high lifting capacity, is this optimal in example inspection of power lines or emergency supplies in disaster areas.



With these platforms we perform flights, inspections, and 4K filming - indoors and outdoors.


Fixed wing

With our fixed wing we perform flights where large areas need to be covered in a short period of time.



We shoot crisp quality with a variety of platforms. We can also film in 360-degrees, so-called VR video.


High resolution photo

We offer high definition photography of areas and objects.



We can perform 3D scanning of areas, which can be useful for example mapping.



With a sniffer applied to any of our vehicles we can help you identify gas leakage or hazardous emissions.

CybAero APID System

The movie on the left shows a search demo conducted on a demonstration flight for the Tunisian Customs 2016.




APID Air Drop System

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