First North


First North is an alternative market operated by Stockholmsbörsen AB. Companies whose shares are traded on First North are not required to follow the same rules as listed companies, but rather are required to follow a less comprehensive set of rules adapted primarily to small companies and growing companies. As a result, investing in a company whose shares are traded on First North can be riskier than investing in a listed company.

All companies whose shares are traded on First North have a certified adviser who monitors the company’s compliance with First North’s rules regarding the disclosure of information to the market and investors. A certified adviser reviews companies seeking to be admitted to First North. Stockholmsbörsen AB approves the application for trading on First North. CybAero’s ticker symbol on First North is CBA.

CybAerocertified adviser on First North is FNCA Sweden AB, tel +46 (08) 528 00 399,

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