CybAero at Skadeplats2017

Published 29 September, 2017

This week we attended the exhibition “Skadeplats2017” in Helsingborg where we showed our latest system, the Fire Fighting Drone “CybAero Fire”. Skadeplats2017 is organized by the Fire Protection Association, and includes participants from the entire country’s fire brigades, rescue services, municipalities and politicians.


From the left: Niklas Palmér (sales), Jimmy Axelsson (Flight Department), Claes Meijer (Flight Department)


CybAero exhibited in a booth and had a flight show where we showcased CybAero Fire. Our participation was a success and the interest in our product was high. We are continuing our intensive work against the contacts that were established during Skadeplats2017.



Aerial display of CybAero Fire


Film by Brandskyddsföreningen Sverige from our show of CybAero Fire.

Link to Youtube movie (In Swedish)


Persons from CybAero on sight were Jimmy Axelsson, Claes Meijer, Niklas Palmér and Per Malmström.


Updated 2017-10-27 with link to youtube movie from our flight show

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