CybAero on show at Ljungbyhed

Published 15 November, 2017

On Wednesday, 8th of November, we had a show for the students at Ljungbyhed drone operator education. With us we had our APID One, CybAero M.O.C. as well as different payloads. We showed a number of different features on various payloads, we also showed how the APID One operates and how it is constructed.


A Payload Operator from CybAero shows students from the education the different payload features


Media representatives from both TT and TV4 participated and reported on the new education. They also interviewed us about our APID One and our cooperation with Ljungbyhed.

We also did a flight show with our APID One and showed how our Air Drop System works.


CybAero staff members who participated during this day.


Tv4 made a report about this day which could be seen during the financial news at. 22:00 Wednesday, 8 November, you can also watch it in the link below.

Link to the report (IN SWEDISH)


APID One during flight display

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