Published 20 September, 2016



As a part of our reorganization, we have updated our communication plan. Part of this new plan is that we will try to accommodate something that our shareholders have been asking us about:
What is happening at CybAero?

Starting in October we will publish a newsletter on the website under the Media and News tab. As a service we may also e-mail the newsletter to anyone who expressed an interest in receiving news through our website.

The idea of the newsletter is to inform the market about what is happening with the company and to answer questions from shareholders. Unfortunately we will not be able to answer some of the good questions emailed to us because of exchange regulations or business secrecy.

Email your questions to We need your name and phone number along with your question. We will not answer questions where the sender is a pseudonym.


We are thankful for your involvement
Emmelie Axelsson,
Marketing & Communications Director
CybAero AB
Phone: +46(0)13-465 29 30


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