Project: M.O.C. (Mobile Operation Center)

Meet Project: M.O.C (Mobile Operations Center), developed by us at CybAero to meet our customers’ needs to quickly deploy and operate in challenging environments and distant areas during a longer period of time.

The system includes a Workshop space equipped with spare parts and tools for service and lighter maintenance, a room for management and the operators and also storage for two APID One helicopters. All this packaged in a 20-foot standard container prepared for heavy weather conditions which makes this a complete solution for successful missions. The system comes equipped with a fuel driven generator to be able to operate in areas where a power grid is not available and a 10 meter mast for better link coverage.

A complete solution for successful missions

Some of its features

  • Standard 20-foot container
  • Ventilation with a particle filter, Air condition unit and a heating unit
  • Workplaces designed to facilitate extended work shifts
  • Storage space for two APID One helicopters
  • Workspace equipped for service and maintenance work
  • Traveling crane to facilitate loading and unloading
  • Storage of spare parts and consumables
  • Command & control center
  • 10 meter folding mast for better link coverage
  • Fuel driven generator and battery backup for operations where a power grid is not available
  • Fridge and microwave

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With over 20 years’ experience, CybAero develops and manufactures world-leading, high-quality and effective systems that enable clients to operate from the air without putting people at risk. Our Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) consist of unmanned helicopters, ground stations, sensors and data links. They are adapted to the specific needs of each client, whether for commercial, civilian or defense applications.


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